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As I’m sure you’ll know by now, this Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK. I’m not usually too sentimental about it, but my Mum reeeeeeeally is; me and my brother are on pain of death to never forget to mark the day and, frankly, it’s the least we can do. I haven’t written anything here on the blog for Mother’s Day before, but this year I want to. Especially as I’ve been reflecting on just how much of the way I style clothes has been inspired by my mother. So, a good few months ago, I asked her to dig out some photos of her favourite outfits from when she was about the age I am now. Today’s outfit post is my own loose interpretation of my favourite one.

Before we get to the outfit I wanted to highlight some of the other photos she sent to me. I honestly love the selection of photos that my Mum chose.

The photo above left was taken in 1974, when my Mum was 22, and the outfit is so splendid it just kills me. I can see where I got my mathcy-matchy tendencies from, but my Mum was (and still is) on a whole other level. Above right, taken in Paris the year before I was born (1982), the outfit my Mum is wearing is both classic but also pretty contemporary, those high waisted jeans are available everywhere, I basically own everything in this picture! The picture above center is my Mum, my Nan and me, taken at my christening. I threw that in because we’re cute – and my Nan was the coolest.

To My Mam Mother's Day Style Inspo

On to the outfit that I chose to recreate. Firstly, how beautiful is my Mam? I’m grateful that I have been blessed with these genes tbh, for many reasons, but the ‘fountain of youth’ aspect is probably my favourite. For as long as I can remember my Mum has routinely looked a good 10-15 years younger than she is. Perhaps the strangest thing for me looking at these images side by side like this (other than it being painfully apparent that my Mum is infinitely more stylish than I am) is that I’m actually older now than my Mum was in the photo, about 6 years older in fact.

In the picture my Mum is 27, and this is what she wore when she got married to my Dad the first time round (her and my father were married twice, but that’s a story for another time). This was her second wedding so she didn’t want to do ‘the dress thing’ again (overall my Mum has been married 5 times, which is one of my favourite things about her, but that’s a story for another time too), instead they got married at the registry office with 20 guests and had a ball.

Her grey suit was from a small boutique called ‘Capricorn’ in Liverpool and cost £80, which in 1978 was some serious cash. The boutique was one of her favourite shops, I remember her telling me about an Ossie Clark piece she adored which was her ‘going out dress’ for a time, and that came from the same boutique. The blouse was from good old Country Casuals and cost £50, which my Mum wasn’t happy about but had committed to the hat so needed something that matched! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Plus Size Longline Check Duster Jacket New Look Curves
Plus Size Burgundy Pussy Bow Shirt and Floppy Hat

My version of Mum’s outfit is way more casual. I wanted to be inspired by my Mum’s style but not replicate it exactly, much like I am in everyday life. I looked at this picture of my Mum and I knew how I’d style a similar look right away. The only thing I didn’t already have in my wardrobe was the hat, which cost £10 from Pilot (of all places).

Disclaimer: I do not look good in hats, I’m afraid, and they’re usually too small for my head. This one is no exception, and as the photos were being taken I could feel the hat slowly creeping up ready to ping off the top of my head!

The duster jacket by New Look Curves has been featured here many times before. As have the ASOS Curve skinnies, tan Simply Be shoes and charity shop bag. The longline sheer burgundy shirt is exactly the same as this black one that I’ve previously featured (with a peak of this gorgeous Curvy Kate bra underneath), and the ‘pussy bow’ was achieved by my old eBay ribbon trick.

Plus Size Mothers Day Outfit Recreation Longline shirt and duster jacket New Look Curves Simply Be ASOS Curve
Mothers Day Look Longline Shirt Check Duster Jacket and Jeans

So… Happy Mother’s Day to my Mam; my original inspiration and influence for style, attitude, life and simply EVERYTHING. In these last couple of years, the situations in which I’ve decided to act ‘more like my Mother’ have been the most positive and successful of my life. She fights hard, she’s interfering, infuriating, caring, positive, ridiculous, and burns so brightly in my life and the lives of those she chooses to let in. She’s my biggest cheerleader and the first to tell me when I’m being a prick. I love you, Mum. Thank you.

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