My Favourite Stay At Home Outfits For Comfort & Style


As someone who spends almost 100% of their time indoors I’ve been meaning to write something honest about what I wear at home. But because my indoor outfits tend to prioritise comfort and personal joy over everything else, I never think people will find it interesting. With lockdown in full effect, the time for writing about stay at home outfits is now. Not least in case anyone out there is looking for reassurance about how they’re dressing in uncertain times, and in circumstances that are unfamiliar to them.

If I had to sum up my at home personal style I would use the word comfy. What I wear tends to fall into one of about four distinct categories depending on the weather, my mood and how much pain I’m in. At home outfits range from flowy satin smock dresses in bright prints to straight up actual pyjamas, and I’d be lost without my crop top bras. Overall I’ve found that I don’t have to look like I’ve just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine to feel nice and enjoy what I’m wearing. As is my mantra: comfort is key.

Smock Dresses

For me, smock dresses are absolute powerhouses. They are incredibly versatile, scandalously easy to wear, and they respond to accessorising like a dream. I have an endless supply, mini to maxi, long to short sleeve, v-neck to round neck, in jersey, cottons and satins. They’ve been the thing I’ve worn most often in recent weeks since the temperatures have been rising a little. I chuck one on, layer up with plenty of costume jewellery and I’m set for the day: no straps, tight waists or zips to worry about.

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Oversized Tees With Shorts

For breezy summertime comfort if you have to be a little more active then you simply cannot beat an oversized tee with legging shorts, or cycling shorts as they were called last time round. I love wearing this kind of outfit because I don’t have to think about what I have on all day, there’s no constant readjustment of clothing and no self consciousness, I can just get on with the business of living. I’ve been wearing shorts from Snag tights lately, which are much lighter than regular lycra shorts, and they’ve been a blessing.

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Matching Loungewear

I was late to the great matching loungewear revolution, even though I spend so much time at home I didn’t understand what loungewear sets were really for. After picking up a couple, I now completely get it. Slightly smarter than pj’s but not quite as fussy as a proper outfit, I’ve loved wearing matching loungewear during these in between days.

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Fancy Pyjama Sets

When I say fancy, I generally mean a fancy print as opposed to expensive. I know an awful lot of people who baulk at the mere thought of staying in their pj’s all day, but d’you know what: it’s okay. Pj’s are just a different type of clothes. When you are at home a lot, you may find there are times when staying in your pyjamas all day is a pleasure. For me, ASOS is a great place to find bright and beautiful patterned sets, I prefer the ones with leggings, but they’re all fab really.

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Stay At Home Outfits Honourable Mention: Wireless Bralettes

I wanted to throw in a really quick shout out to ditching bras, because it’s been comfortable and freeing and delightful for me. All my boob-having life I have been terrified of my breasts looking flat or saggy, even at 14 I configured my bra so uncomfortably so that they were almost up around my ears, but since being at home so much I’ve just stopped wearing underwired bras. Teen-me could never.

I started with some cheap crop top style bralettes from a random eBay seller to get an idea of whether I’d get on with wire free as a concept, I then graduated to some lacy ones from Yours Clothing and finally to the wizardry that are bras by Molke. There are elements of all three that I really love, and I’m currently planning some kind of frankenstein project to incorporate all three together and make a supportive wire free bra that is perfect for my particular shape.

So you’re finding yourself stuck indoors all day more often than you’re used to, and I want to make it perfectly plain that how you dress at home is entirely up to you. If you want to fix your hair and makeup and dress as if you were going to work then by all means do. If you want to raid your wardrobe and glam up more than usual then I say go for it! But please remember that you’re allowed to dress just for comfort, to ditch your bra, or forget about make up and none of those things automatically mean anything negative, it just means that’s what you prefer. Give yourself a break, right now we’re in a situation none of us really know how to deal with so please be kind to yourself.

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