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Plus Size Levi's 314 Straight Leg Water Crackle Blue
 Plus Size Levi's Shaping Skinny 311 Simply Be Borg Denim Jacket

My relationship with jeans has been down a long hard road; a love affair which has turned terribly sour. I wore jeans to death until my body shape changed and it didn’t fit into any at all, no matter the brand or the cut. So I switched over to always wearing dresses and skirts and pretended it was by choice.

But that’s not really good enough is it? In recent years I have again and again tried jeans from a variety of plus brands, always optimistic but usually disappointed. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I declared something ‘the one’ with regards to denim. I settled for jeggings for a long time, because I thought I had to, and then I advocated hard for the Simply Be High Waisted Lucy jeans [affiliate link] for a while too. Admittedly, the Lucy jeans were the closest I’d ever come to ‘perfect denim’, but sadly they’re not denim, they’re a thin stretch cotton.

Just as I was beginning to give up hope yet again, the brand I wore and loved as a teenager brought out their new plus size range, and plus size Levi’s changed my life.

Is it a bit silly to say that a brand changed my life by finally making something that will fit me as a fat person? Possibly, I mean there is a lot going on in the world, but it’s how I feel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’ve definitely been missing out on a huge piece of the style pie because I haven’t been able to find good jeans to wear; my casual wardrobe hasn’t been what I want it to be for over a decade and I’ve been making do with ‘okay but not quite right’.


Plus Size Levi's 314 Straight Leg Water Crackle Blue
Plus Size Levis Straight Leg 314

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So, let’s talk about these jeans. The first pair I tried were the Levi’s Plus 314 Straight Leg Jeans [affiliate link] in ‘Water Crackle’ (so like, blue) and oh my god do they fit well. I was a little apprehensive at first, as after ordering my regular size I saw reviews recommending that you size up at least once but it turns out I needn’t have worried. For my body shape I found them to be very true to size: I’m somewhere between hourglass and apple, I hate these terms and I’m so sorry for using them but I guess they’re useful here. Anyway, I found them to be comfortable around the waist and accommodating for my lower belly… not to mention how great they make my ass look!

These 314’s – being straight cut – have a wonderfully relaxed fit from the hips down, there is so much room for my legs! The material is thick but not stiff, with the expected reinforced stitching and some big back pockets. I’ve never understood why the back pockets on own brand plus jeans are generally so small?

The only caution I have is with the leg length: make sure you double check it as I ended up with a 30″ inside leg which is too short. I’m a turn up’s kinda gal so in everyday life it doesn’t matter, but Levi’s do offer multiple lengths in their plus styles so there’s no need to settle for a 30″ leg if you need more or less.

Next up are the Levi’s Plus 311 Skinny Jeans [affiliate link] in black. I was most excited about these ones to be honest, as black skinny jeans are extremely my jam; I’d live in them if I could… and now it looks like I can! All the features I love about the straight leg jeans are present in the skinnies too: thick material, big back pockets, reinforced stitching, attention to detail. The evidence that the range might just be great across all the styles is starting to stack up!

Plus Size Levis 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans Black

Shop the Look [affiliate links]

Again these fit very well, just like the 314’s they are a classic mid-rise, which I don’t normally go for but turned out to be incredibly comfortable. I found the leg length to be better on the black pair too, although technically the same inside leg measurement as the blue pair, the 311’s feel longer.

One thing to note, these aren’t super tight skinny jeans, there is definitely room to spare on the thighs and down to the ankle. I’m happy with this as it’s a great mid point between skin tight and relaxed fit which I’m enjoying, plus my chunky calves are grateful for the extra room. However, if you’re after a very close fitted all the way down kind of deal, then perhaps the Plus Size Levis’s 310 Super Skinnies [affiliate link] would be a better bet.

Black and White Breton Striped Long Sleeve Top Black Levi's 311s Black Vans
Plus Size Levi's Black Skinny Shaping 311

To find one pair of jeans online that you just buy in your usual size, arrive at your door, and fit brilliantly is rare; to have that happen with two different pairs… well, that’s simply never happened to me before. At around £70 a pop, these jeans aren’t the most affordable, but I’m very interested to see if they are still as durable as ever and I will revisit this post to update if and when they give out on me.

So what am I saying? Am I about to once again declare something as my definitive, ride or die denim? YES. Do I mean it this time? ALSO YES. There is not one feature of either pair that I am compromising on – even the slightly short legs just make cuffing them easier – there’s nothing that makes me think ‘oh, these’ll do’, I feel like I’ve arrived at my dream denim which makes me the happiest little clam.

You can currently get your hands on the plus size Levi’s range from the Levi’s site and a variety of retailers; including Navabi, ASOS, Simply Be (and all the other JDWilliams companies), La Redoute, Curvissa, Amazon and I’ve even seen some in Debenhams.

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