L’Oreal Pro Glow 24hr Foundation; Oily Skin Reveiw

Loreal Pro Glow Oily Skin Review
 Loreal Pro Glow

I’m in a real foundation funk at the moment, stuck between craving the full coverage flawless look that Estée Lauder Double Wear [affiliate link] gave me in my 20’s, and the lighter cream goodness the (now discontinued) Dr. Jart BB Cream has been giving me in my 30’s. As a compromise I’ve been wearing Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H [affiliate link], but I’ve become increasingly frustrated with its tendency to settle into my fine lines; so I’m on the hunt for a glowy, oily-skin-friendly replacement.

It wasn’t looking like such a thing existed until I came across all the hype for L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow 24hr Foundation, a product which claims to give a glowy medium coverage that lasts for up to 24 hours, hiding imperfections and giving a flawless finish that also packs a hydrating punch. Bold claims that seem to tick all the boxes for what I’m after, and a great compromise between the hydration of a BB cream and the fuller coverage of a heavier foundation.

Pro Glow has been available in the US for ages but at the time of writing has only recently been released in the UK exclusively via Amazon. This product has received absolute rave reviews from the beauty blogging scene, and on paper it sounds like it could be the answer to my foundation dilemma. Although marketed for Normal to Dry skin, I’ve seen excellent reviews from all skin types, so figured it was worth a punt.

As this product is currently only available online, I ran my details through Findation to track down my shade. Findation has never steered me wrong, I’ve found it an invaluable resource for colour matching new foundation products based on the shades I already know match my skintone from other brands. I came out as shade 201 in Pro Glow, which is the lightest shade they do called ‘Classic Ivory’, so I made my purchase and waited for my new wonder product to arrive.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow FIRST IMPRESSIONS

The clip above shows the first time I applied Pro Glow, and my initial impressions were not promising to say the least. I applied it first with my fingers, because I like to feel how the product works on my face, I then used a beauty blender when it became apparent that a second layer was required.

The formula is incredibly watery and separates easily so it needs to be shaken A LOT in order to mix up the formula again. The soft plastic tube packaging makes dispensing such a thin, runny formula a little difficult, it can end up everywhere if you’re not careful. I found that quite a lot of product is necessary to cover your face, moreso if you use a beauty blender to achieve the ‘rolling motion’ of application that L’Oreal recommend, and you need to work with it quickly as it dries down fast.

I do have blemishes and hyper-pigmentation on my face, and for me one layer of Pro Glow was not enough to cover these, the second layer did build the coverage from light to medium. After the first layer, I noticed the product had a drying effect on my forehead, so I tried to apply less there when I went back in with the beauty blender, but overall my skin still looked and felt pretty textured after applying.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Over A Full Day Of Wear

 L'Oreal Pro Glow Oily Skin Review 5 Hours
L'Oreal Pro Glow Oily Skin Review 8 Hours
 L'Oreal Pro Glow Oily Skin Review 12 Hours

To sum up, my face did not love Pro Glow and I’m pretty sad about it. I’m so surprised that this product is marketed for Normal to Dry skin because I found it one of the most drying products I’ve ever used, the hydrating ingredients it apparently includes did not come through for me. I’m not surprised it slid off my nose, as that has always been a problem area, but I’m baffled as to why Pro Glow acted the way it did overall.

I feel like this product is not designed with acne prone skin in mind, I needed two layers to achieve the promised medium coverage and throughout the day that coverage wore away to the point that you could see blemishes and scars through the product.

I also feel that this product is designed for younger skin than mine, as it did not stand up to even the slightest wrinkle. Immediately, it settled into some of my lines; then as the day went on it began to cake and clump around my expression lines which needed constant fixing.

So my quest for a new base product that strikes the perfect ‘glowy, but not too much’ balance for my tired, old, oily skin is still underway. If you have any recommendations for me, then please hit me up because I’m all ears!

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