Lockdown Diary 5: People Are Absolutely Wild


Urgh, here we are, it’s July. All the shops are opening and you can go down to the pub. We’ve not been out yet, even though we technically can for certain things; we’re still far too scared to be honest. Going out and about for a lot of people can be done in a relatively low risk way, and fair play to them, but during this last week of July I’ve been seeing people going abroad, putting cute poolside pics up on Instagram, and I feel like I must be high or something because there’s still a pandemic happening, right?

Meanwhile more changes are being made, more restrictions are being lifted at both a Scottish and a UK-wide level. A few weeks after the rest of the population, shielders could meet people indoors. We we told we could go to beer gardens followed swiftly by being allowed inside pubs too. Yeah….. no thanks; for July I’m going to continue staying indoors and obsessing over my houseplants.

Out of the two of us, it ended up being Andrew who attempted a proper trip outside first. He needed to take some books back to the University library that had been recalled and he had an awful experience, coming back pretty shaken up as it was just way too busy out there. Roads are closed so that pubs, restaurants, and bars can seat more people outside so it’s difficult to keep the required 2 meter distance from people milling about when you’re just trying to get from A to B.

I am not doing well. At all. I know I never went out much, but now I’m not going out at all. I feel I always should caveat statements like that as there are so many others who are not in as privileged a position as I am, but this is hard and I have been suffering.

Still, we’re really trying to find some positives in amongst all the negativity: I have taken advantage of the Scottish government’s fantastic My World of Work scheme, via Skills Development Scotland (SDS), who worked with me to look at the skills I already have and use them as a jumping off point to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Now I have applied for a college course so I can hopefully take the first step on the path I built with SDS and I’m hoping that I’ll get a place. We’re also trying to fit in adopting a cat, having visits from both of our parents, and getting a car to the next month after shielding ends before we inevitably get put back in.

As July has been coming to a close, we’ve made sure to continue our support of some of our favourite local businesses. A final lockdown order from 71 Brewing needed to be made, and we picked up some incredible bao buns from The Bach. I still haven’t cut my hair, I absolutely know I’m going to get it so wrong but I don’t feel right about going to a hairdressers just yet even though they’re open.

So, at the time of publishing there are only 3 days of shielding to go and then thats it, we are out. Our 136 days of self-isolation will be over. Andrew received a letter on on the 27th with guidance on what happens for us now, but next month will be us getting to grips mentally with being out in society. We both recognise that we have to push ourselves to do it otherwise we’ll seriously never leave the house again. Whilst the global COVID-19 pandemic is not over, our shielding will be, and after one more update to round off what will be six months of lockdown diaries I feel I’ll have reached the end of these updates. Catch you next time…

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