Changing Up Your Style With Glasses For Full Time Wear


So you’re a full time glasses wearer. This could be a recent development in your life, or one that you’ve grown up with. Either way if you’ve decided to forego contact lenses and opt for a fine pair of spectacles instead it can be tough to find the perfect pair. All that agonising over which frames to get, trying on countless pairs, sending selfies to your friends asking which look best… after all, you and this pair of glasses are going to have to spend a very long time together.

This was me, very recently. I’ve spoken about the fact that I wear glasses before, but until the other month it was largely up to me how much I wore them. I didn’t need to wear them all the time, I tended to pop them on to watch TV, do work at my laptop, or at the cinema. Now I’ve finally graduated into the full time wear club, I found committing to just one pair of glasses to be an incredibly difficult task. Trying to pick up something that would be comfortable, light, and would coordinate with every outfit I would ever wear felt overwhelming to say the least.

I did a bit of research and the world of online glasses retailers was opened up to me. I realised that, because the prices online are so much more affordable, I didn’t have to commit to just one pair of glasses for wearing day in, day out until my next eye test. I’ve been really digging aviator styles lately, and found a great range of aviator glasses that I want to try, as taking a bit more of a risk style-wise when it comes to choosing eyewear feels easier now. For example, at the moment I’m trialling a couple of round frames which is a shape I never thought I could pull off.

Now I’m starting to think of my glasses as an extension of my fashion choices and an opportunity to change up my style with each outfit. The next thing I want to introduce is some bright and bold colour. I tend to go for neutrals, usually tortoiseshell or gold frames, but looking at what I have hanging in my wardrobe I think a some translucent hot pink or rich emerald green frames would be a great place to start. Those colours would help to build so many great outfits!

If you want to start changing up your style with some new frames for full time wear but haven’t bought glasses online before, I thought I’d pull together some quick bullet points of tips from my own experience so far.

Practical Tips For Buying Glasses For Full Time Wear Online

Becoming a full time glasses wearer and not being able to wear contacts had presented me with such a difficult decision over which frames were the ones for me, as I genuinely thought I’d only be able to afford one pair. Being able to confidently buy multiple pairs of affordable frames online has given me more freedom with something I was a little self conscious about. This new perspective, looking at my glasses as an extension of my outfit and a chance to change up my style, has meant I’ve taken to full time glasses wearing like a duck to water. Now I can’t stop browsing online for new frames and daydreaming over which ones to get next!

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