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Hello, nice to meet you! My name’s Zoë; I’m a writer and illustrator living in Dundee with my husband Andrew, too many plants, and not enough cats. As alluded to on the homepage, this site is a place to digitally park all the plates I’m currently spinning. It is also a reflection of the things I love as a student, artist, colour and pattern enthusiast, weird music devotee, sewing fan, podcast aficionado, and member of the chronic pain club.


The very first incarnation of this site was a simple illustration portfolio, and that page still survives. I have written at length about reviving my old hobby, but the short version is this: digital art has been there for me when I’ve needed it these past few years, and it’s been both a joy and a privilege to never monetise it, keeping it for pleasure and distraction.


In 2020 I returned to full time education and as I progress some of my academic and extracurricular projects should show up here. I’m currently at a local college and going through the process of applying to Scottish universities. If the odds are in my favour, I should be entering higher education in 2021, with a view to being in it for the long haul. I’m interested in English Literature, Linguistics, Sociology and Disability Studies, and even know what I want to research for a PhD already.

Short Fiction Podcast: Cache

Taking part in 2018’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) proved to me that I could still flex those particular creative muscles, and I’ve been writing a lot of short fiction ever since. Not all of it is great, but a number of pieces overlapped to the point of allowing them to be collected together under a theme. Rather than publishing this collection in a traditional format, I decided to publish in a more accessible way: as a free podcast, with audio and transcript available together. Season one of my short fiction podcast, Cache, begins next month with new episodes being released every week. Full transcripts, links to everywhere it is available and illustrations for each episode can be found here.

Style Blog

As 2020 came to a close I decided to call time on my plus size style blog, I Knew I Was Next, some of the posts from which have been preserved and you can find them in the ‘blog’ section of this site. I learnt so much in those years of blogging: I worked with a ton of brands, earned a handful of award nominations, I wrote for publications such as Bustle and Blogosphere Magazine, and even took a modelling job or two.

I cropped up in the local papers a few times (e.g. 1 | 2 ), and could be found in an advertising campaign on ITV Be for Simply Be during 2018. My proudest moment of this period though, without doubt, was appearing in a beautiful plus size style coffee table book for Ebury Press.

It was also during this time that I worked as an editor and contributor for She Might Be, the UK’s first completely body positive online community. This was a particularly rewarding role for me, and you can find all my articles for She Might Be here.

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